Top 5 UX Classes at UC Davis, from a Graduating Senior

Learn how to focus on emotion and fun through game design

CDM 198 — Designing for Quarantine (Analog Game Design)

We didn’t design fancy pieces for our games, since our games were meant to be played remotely while quarantined

Take a class on breaking down complexity

MGT 120 — Managing Information Technology

Take this class to solve complex, pressing challenges like wildfires in California
  • How can PG&E reduce its accidental ignition of wildfires that have devastated California?
  • How can Universal Pictures continue to generate revenue through box office hits when movie theatres are completely closed?

Hone your ability to present data

DES 149 — Info Design

After this class you will see all the problems in ineffective information display

Think about what you are put on Earth to do

DES 40B — Ideologies of Design

A Sony Walkman tape cassette player, an example of post-Fordist consumerism
  • Do we care about craft and authenticity like William Morris did?
  • Can good, “moral” design challenge thoughtless, mass produced design?
  • What is the line between design and authoritarianism? What drove us to experiment with designing utopian towns like Fordlandia?
  • What happens when user serviceability makes your product too long-lasting and instead you switch to planned obsolescence?
  • What makes something timeless?
  • Is modernism good? Is it beautiful? What about post-modernism? Do you embrace it or turn your nose up against it?
  • Can good design really solve the world’s problems? Make us happier? Prevent war?
  • How did designers earn their place in business?

Learn how to ask good questions

UWP 104C — Journalism

You’ll learn the power and responsibility of journalists and how to make a good story



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