Redesigning the Remote Critique Process

By Rochelle Dai, Sienna Gonzalez, Morgan Creek, and Gennifer Hom

Problem Statement

Final Product

Video by Rochelle Dai

Our Team


User Research


Affinity mapping exercise done through Figma

User Research: Synthesis

Dissecting the Data

Ideation: Sketches

Examples of a few sketches we did to solve some of the problems from our data and brainstorming

Before Critique

Low Fidelity Prototype

User Testing

High Fidelity Prototype

High fidelity prototype of the user flow for entering a critique session

During Critique

Low Fidelity Prototype

First iteration of the emotes interaction during our low fidelity prototype phase

User Testing Round 1

Mid-Fidelity Prototype

Second iteration of our emotes feature after attempting to address user feedback

User Testing Round 2

High Fidelity Prototype

Final iteration of the emotes feature

After Critique

Low Fidelity Prototype

Low fidelity prototype of what the final documentation of feedback could look like

User Testing

High Fidelity Prototype

Final Product


Future Changes

What We Learned


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