Road to a redesign — A UnitransNow UX case study

Starting Route

Project Overview

The current UnitransNow experience

Meet the Team!

The UnitransNow Crew

The Problem

Problem Statement

“College students at UC Davis find themselves using various resources to navigate the bus system because the UnitransNow app does not sufficiently compile all the necessary tools and resources in one place.”

The Riders

Users and Audience

Running into a Flat Tire

Scope and Constraints


Understanding our audience


Reframing the Problem to Ideation Phase

Operations and Maintenance

Sketching for a Solution

In our sketches, we drew inspiration from existing navigation apps and tried to recreate features that would help students “plan their trip” more effectively.

Finally on the Road

Low fidelity/Mid Fidelity

Flow for finding the time tables
Flow for navigating to the live map feature for the bus
(Mid-Fidelity) Flow for “to-and-from” navigation feature

Almost There…

High Fidelity & Design System

Walkthrough of adding a stop to the homepage
Walkthrough of the navigational feature
Announcements Feature

Arriving at our stop

Outcomes and Lessons

Tidying Up

Planning for the Next Trip

We’re a student-run design consultancy @ UC Davis!