Notion Navigation Redesign — a UX case study

Project Overview

Our Team

Project Timeline

Our timeline for the six-week sprint process

User Research

Literature Review

Understanding Our Users

  1. We started with background questions to understand the user’s experience level with Notion and what they use it for.
  2. If users had experience with Notion, we asked them navigation-focused questions about their habits and to explain their workspace set-up. If comfortable, users shared their personal Notion screen.
  3. Given our sample Notion workspace, users were then asked to complete a series of tasks as they shared their screen. Each task involved interaction with the main navigational features we had identified in our literature review. This part constituted most of the interview and allowed us to closely examine each interaction to pick up on pain points while synthesizing our data in the next phase.


Affinity diagram for one of the users we interviewed
An excerpt from our data synthesis spreadsheet; users’ performance on each task was coded on a scale of 1 to 4 (1=Completed with no issues, 4=Failed to complete)

Pain Points

Accessing Deeper Pages




1. Sidebar Menu

Competitive analysis of similar sidebar menus
Low-fidelity wireframe of proposed changes to the sidebar menu

2. Breadcrumb Menu

Low-fidelity wireframe of proposed changes to the breadcrumb menu

3. Quick Find

Low-fidelity wireframe of redesigned Quick Find

4. Favorites

Low-fidelity wireframe of redesigned Favorites feature

Mid-Fidelity Prototyping

Usability Testing


Analysis and Insights

An excerpt from our usability testing analysis spreadsheet

1. Sidebar Menu

2. Breadcrumb Menu

3. Favoriting a Page

4. Quick Find/Search

The Final Prototypes

The chevron arrows, indentation, hover state tooltips, and color system work together to create an intuitive and understandable sidebar menu.

Evaluation and Reflection



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