New in Town — A UX Case Study

Helping young adults thrive in their new communities

Project Overview



Our Team

Project Timeline

Our timeline for the five-week sprint process.

User Research

Our main findings include:

Our affinity map and synthesis of our user research data.

Synthesis & Ideation

Pencil and digital sketches of possible app features we created to address each of the 4 user pain points.
User flow for the onboarding process.
Redesigned sketches focusing on user needs for his/her new city.

Mid-Fidelity Prototypes

Primary screens and functions of our app.

The Final Prototypes

1. Onboarding

Onboarding: signing up and creating an account.

2. Home Page

Search by category

3. Searching

4. Bookmarking



If given more time, we would love to:

We’re a student-run design consultancy @ UC Davis!