Justice Calendar Case Study

Justice Calendar Mockup

Project Overview

Justice is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Roles and Responsibilities

Problem Statement

  1. A way to visually schedule time so there is a commitment of physically taking time out of the day to learn about racial inequity
  2. A way to choose the medium in which the content is consumed
  3. A way to link the user to the content



Research synthesis

  • 91.4% of respondents identified as people of color
  • 51.9% of respondents rated themselves at 3/5 on their level of knowledge on racial inequity.
  • 97.5% of respondents were willing to commit at least 5 minutes to learn more
  • 61.7% of respondents were willing to commit 15–45 minutes
  • 63% of respondents primarily used google calendar to schedule commitments
  • People of all ethnicities can learn more about racial injustice and have varying levels of knowledge
  • People are generally willing to put in time to learn more about racial injustice
  • A majority of people like to use Google Calendar to schedule things for them to do



Usability Testing

Further Development

Scope and Constraints

Outcomes and Lessons