App concept for hate crime prevention

Design Interactive Spring ’21 Cohort Project.


As racial tensions and hate crimes are on the rise and are brought to light, we wanted to help motivate people to take individual action to contribute to the larger cause of fostering inclusive communities.

In the span of six weeks, our team designed…

Helping young adults thrive in their new communities

Design Interactive Spring ’21 Cohort Project.

Project Overview


As young adults graduate from college or move to take advantage of new opportunities, they oftentimes have difficulty developing a new support system and community from scratch. Consequently, having a lack of support networks tends to contribute to depression and social isolation.

How might…


Navigating Life Through a Computer Screen

Over the past months, nearly every social experience has gone digital. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to experience life through our computer screens, ultimately serving as yet another reminder of our reliance on technology. With the sudden demand for web-based communication, Zoom…

By Rochelle Dai, Sienna Gonzalez, Morgan Creek, and Gennifer Hom

Problem Statement

For the 2020–2021 school year, UC Davis Design is only offering remote courses. We wanted to create a comfortable and beneficial critique environment for design students to receive feedback on their projects in a remote setting.

Our problem statement was, “How might we create a comfortable and beneficial critique environment…

Design Interactive

We’re a student-run design consultancy @ UC Davis!

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