Navigating Life Through a Computer Screen

Over the past months, nearly every social experience has gone digital. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to experience life through our computer screens, ultimately serving as yet another reminder of our reliance on technology. With the sudden demand for web-based communication, Zoom has emerged as the primary video-conferencing platform on a global scale. Because of its widespread use, we wanted to research user’s experiences and see if there were any potential areas for improvement.

Through the course of 6 weeks, our team navigated through the entire design process, starting with research and…

Design Interactive Fall ’20 Cohort Project.

Project Overview

Notion is a hugely popular note-taking and data management tool for both individuals and large corporations alike. However, not everyone finds it easy to navigate. Over the course of a six-week sprint process, our team redesigned Notion’s navigation system to make it easier for users to find the pages they need.

Our Team

By Rochelle Dai, Sienna Gonzalez, Morgan Creek, and Gennifer Hom

Problem Statement

For the 2020–2021 school year, UC Davis Design is only offering remote courses. We wanted to create a comfortable and beneficial critique environment for design students to receive feedback on their projects in a remote setting.

Our problem statement was, “How might we create a comfortable and beneficial critique environment for design students to receive feedback on their projects in a remote setting?”

Our solution is a platform that increases transparency between participants and centralizes feedback for future reference.

Final Product

Video by Rochelle Dai

Our Team

Redesign of the LinkedIn Jobs Page

Design Interactive Fall ’20 Cohort Project.


With over 660 million users, LinkedIn is an online platform for connecting with professionals, such as potential recruiters or past employers. However, finding a job on this platform can be challenging as people are scrambling to find job opportunities for work experiences.

In the span of six weeks, our team focused on redesigning the job application process within LinkedIn.

Awarded: Most Customer-Centric Experience

Meet the Team: The LinkedIneers

Justice Calendar Mockup

Project Overview

Justice is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Justice Calendar is an application that helps users schedule small amounts of time out of their day regularly to consume content about racial inequity. Our client, Professor Tom Maiorana, came to us with a broad idea for a scheduling app to fight social inequity, which we then narrowed down the racial inequity and focused on prototyping a Google Chrome extension.

Over 6 weeks, our team researched, created, ideated, and prototyped ideas at a rapid pace with the goal of creating an application that would be friendly to users less educated in social inequity. …

Design Interactive Spring ’20 Cohort Project.

According to a study published by UCSF, more than 40% of seniors experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. As a part of Davis Design Interactive, a student-run design group at UC Davis, our team worked to develop a solution to this pertinent issue.

In seven weeks, our group validated a collaborative making concept, using technology to enable quality time and to bridge physical distance. The concept resulted in Half-and-Half, an app where people can create sessions for collaboratively making things like recipes and craft projects. …

Starting Route

Project Overview

Our team redesigned the UnitransNow Mobile app over the course of 6 weeks. The main purpose of the app is to provide students with updated information about the bus schedule, local bus stops, and arrival predictions for various lines that run throughout the city of Davis.

Redesign of the current Netflix Party chrome extension

Design Interactive Spring ’20 Cohort Project.


Netflix Party first came to our attention because of the traction it was gaining from COVID-19. Due to a lot of people having to stay home, Netflix Party gained popularity as users try to find a way to still stay connected.

Over the course of 6 weeks, our team redesigned this chrome extension to be more user friendly. We presented our final product to a panel of industry professionals during Design Interactive‘s first-ever Final Presentation Day.

Awarded: Best Visual Design, Most Customer-Centric Experience, and runner up…

Our final designs

Design Interactive Spring ’20 Cohort Project.

What is JAPA?

Park smart, stress less.

JAPA is a free mobile guidance app that provides access to accurate real-time parking availability, parking lot information, and policies. The free app allows users to view spots ahead of time to plan out their parking experience before leaving the house.

JAPA installs parking sensors in parking lots that allow a parking lot manager to view different metrics about their lot, and that allow users to view real time parking availability through their app. Their motto is “Park Smart. Stress Less.”, which is something that has guided our design decisions through this whole process.


We are sitting down with Andrew Sider Chen, Founder of Design Interactive and a graduating senior, to talk about which classes were most useful for his growth as a UX designer here at UC Davis.

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Kiara: Do you have any thoughts before we get started?

Andrew: Well, even though we are talking about classes, I think it’s good to remember that you don’t become a great designer by taking a certain sequence of classes. …

Design Interactive

We’re a student-run design consultancy @ UC Davis!

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